Natural Hormone Therapyy

Proper hormone balance is critical for good health no matter what your age.

Although you can’t feel them, your endocrine system is constantly releasing hormones that control everything from your heart rate, to your metabolism, mood, sex drive, appetite, and more. Each person has a unique balance of hormones. If just one of these is altered or deficient, it can profoundly affect your overall health and well being.

It’s That Important

For both men and women, hormonal health can be a huge issue. Not only do hormone imbalances have the obvious effects on fatigue, memory loss, low sex drive, anxiety/depression, insomnia, weight gain, muscle loss, erectile dysfunction and more—if left untreated, they can lead to more serious complications such as osteoporosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer.

Get Back On Track

No matter what caused the disruption in balance: sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, stress, smoking, nutritional deficiency, alcohol consumption, irritants and pollution, underlying medical conditions, or just the natural aging process, Ventana has trained practitioners who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of hormonal imbalance and abnormalities. Our specialists take a holistic approach by first evaluating you as whole—stress factors, diet, and lifestyle, and checking insulin, sex hormone and thyroid levels and adrenal function. Together, we’ll develop a safe and effective treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Through healthy lifestyle choices, the use of bio-identical* hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), along with appropriate vitamins and supplements, we’re here to help you eliminate and forestall the physical and mental deterioration often associated with hormonal imbalance.

*Remember, it’s is the chemical structure of a hormone, not its source, that determines if a hormone is bio-identical or not.