Jennifer Childers, MD

Dr. Jennifer Childers, MD, PhD, is an internist and board certified dermatologist. She earned her PhD, in physiology at UTCHS in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1979, and then proceeded to medical school where she was elected a membership in the National Medical Honor Society. Dr. Childers completed her internship in internal medicine and residencies in Dermatology and was board certified in 1990. She opened a solo dermatology practice at Methodist and was actively involved in a traditional medical practice for ten years.

During the late 1990’s, Dr. Childers practice took a turn in direction as she herself began experiencing significant health problems and began to look beyond the traditional medical community for answers. In doing so became increasingly interested in the concept of ‘natural healing,’ not yet taught in medical school. Soon after she was able to resolve many of her own health issues through nutritional therapy, in which she quickly began incorporating into her own practice. The results that her patients experienced were so profound that she has continued her education in alternative therapies, blending a multiple healing arts within her practice.

Dr. Childers comes to Ventana from being owner & founder of a clinic dedicated to natural healing in Memphis. Looking for a lifestyle change, Dr. Childers was thrilled to find VW, a clinic whose philosophy of healing was so in kin with hers! We welcome Dr. Childers, along with her unique blend of specialties and over twenty years of expertise as she joins our integrative medical team.

Finally, a female dermatologist, who offers a wide variety of safe and budget friendly therapies to treat all types of medical skin conditions. From anti-aging therapies to diagnosing, treating and preventing various types of skin cancers, Dr. Childers approach to healing is to promote wellness through effective and innovative treatments so that her patients might achieve longer, healthier and more productive lives.