Primary Care

Primary care is the first stop in your healthcare journey.

Primary care is more than getting treatment when you’re sick; it’s where you receive support, guidance, and care—even when you’re well. At Ventana Wellness, our primary care providers (PCPs) are your first point of contact for all your health care needs. Each acts as your advocate, ally, coach and consultant.

Establishing a relationship with someone you trust is an important part of choosing a PCP. The right provider should be someone you feel comfortable discussing anything that could affect your health, including your family history, lifestyle, habits and beliefs. Selecting a PCP is the first step in becoming an active participant in managing your own care. Asking questions and getting honest answers you can understand will help you and your PCP develop a relationship and a customized wellness plan tailored to your needs and goals.

What to Expect

At Ventana Wellness, our PCPs see themselves as partners, guiding their patients to better health. Since your health is shaped by many factors, the focus of your initial appointment will be to get to know you— not just reviewing a health history questionnaire. Your visit may also include checking your weight and blood pressure and ordering blood work, as well as preventive measures such as immunizations, and/or possible screening tests based on your individual risk factors. If necessary, your PCP will provide a well-coordinated, well-researched referral should you ever need to see a specialist.