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Close-up of a stamp. Envelope and wax seal in different ... This cardboard-wax paper composite is then slipped between the covers of a large book, as shown in Figure 6. A few more books should be piled on top. Take one piece of cardboard and place a sheet of wax paper on top. We suggest to chill your wax seal on an ice pack, or with ice. Do you have any experience mailing wax seals, or have you received invitations with a wax seal on them? The only instances we’ve had where a customers wax seals melted was during a heat wave in the hotter parts of the world. Just keep in mind that parchment baking paper is heat resistant itself, but doesn’t protect the surface below it, so you’ll still want to protect your table when working with heat tools and other tools that get hot. Set up shop away from drafts and any direct heat source, such as the sun.

It can burn if it touches oven walls. Melt the wax.Light the stick and give it a moment to burn. Very rarely will wax seals melt in the mail. Will Wax Seals Melt In The Mail? Figure 1, right, shows a few sheets of wax paper and some thin cardboard cut from a department store gift box. Go slowly and don’t bend the stamp paper too much. If resistance is met, put the stamp back in the water for a couple more minutes. Those soaked stamps have been sitting in the bowl shown in Figure 2 for about five minutes. Plus, this unit is totally rechargeable and one charge can last 150 minutes. LOL That’s a tough one. So, let’s review here the basics of soaking stamps, looking at one of various ways it can be done. Most of the stamps I used for this column are recent United States stamps, both lick-and-stick and self-adhesive.

Once most of the water has run off the stamps, rinse them. Once the stamp is out of the water, place it against the side of the bowl above the waterline, as pictured in Figure 3. Excess water will run off the stamps back into the bowl. In Bulgaria, a five-year conservation scheme run by the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre published results in May showing that a pair of captive-bred birds released into the wild had been breeding. Saker falcons were considered extinct as a breeding species in Bulgaria for more than 20 years. The birds had identification tags from the Green Balkans’ breeding programme. A breakthrough came in 2018, when a group from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) monitoring imperial eagles in the south-east of the country found an active saker falcon nest. They soar high in the air before diving at up to 200mph to catch small mammals and birds. It’s best to soak a small number of stamps at a time. No doubt soaking stamps was one of the first techniques that most of us practiced in the beginning days of our collecting pursuits. That being said, modern mail sorting machines can still damage your seals, so we always recommend using one of the first two options as well if you want to be extra safe.

Stamp and send your invitations or make sure you are using a strong adhesive if you are attaching pre-made wax seals. If you are using pre-made wax seals, make sure the adhesive has a strong hold. Unless you are cooking a roast in your car, your wax seals will stay intact! Some stamps will soak free almost immediately — in less than a minute. Some stamps may still cling to their clippings in a few places. Some Post Offices may require you to hand-cancel your envelopes, wax seal stamp which we recommend to do anyway. An envelope with a wax seal on the outer-side may require being hand-canceled (this is up to your local post office). So if you are being charged a fee for going over 1lb, there is a good chance it is not because of your wax seals. Does It Cost More To Send Wax Seals In The Mail? Thank you so much for reading our guide on how to mail wax sealed envelopes!

All our wax seals come standard with professional grade adhesive that will hold up in the mail. 0.21 per envelope. Wax seals do add some weight to invitations however, not significant amount at all. If you’re like me, it probably relates to the time-honored tradition of soaking used stamps from envelope paper. Keep in mind that the thicker the envelope paper, the longer it takes the water to penetrate it and loosen the stamp. This adhesive layer is easy to see when the stamp is free and the clipping is still wet. If you notice any ink bleed, move the suspect clipping to a separate soaking bowl. Some stamps having water-activated gum will start to separate from their clippings first, within a minute or so. This allows the water to get at the stamps and begin liberating them more quickly. Cut a piece of parchment paper 5 X 7–I used my paper cutter–gives a nice clean edge & I can get the measurement just right..