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In a world where convenience is king and process optimization is just as much a part of managing your home life as it is at the office, a beautiful piece of wedding stationery can literally make your guests drop whatever task they were about to do after grabbing the mail, and indulge in immersing themselves into the moment as they carefully examine and open the special piece of mail they have just received from you. A Dremel rotary tool (this can be the expensive part if you don’t already own one-they range from $25 to over $100). Method 2: Wax Seal Beads & Spoon – A way to ensure your wax melts more uniformly than waiting for a candle to drip enough hot wax onto your project, a metal spoon held over an open flame with wax beads (read: pellets) that melt into a hot liquid which you can then pour onto your project before pressing the stamp (which you can again keep on ice between stamps to decrease the time it takes for the wax to harden) into the molten wax. Mrs.”, but then had playful, informal greetings on the inner envelope such as nicknames.

Inner and outer envelopes used to be a lot more common, and are still a popular design element for very formal invitation suites, but are making a comeback for couples who opt to use wax seals on their invitations as the outer envelope provides protection to help make sure the wax seals arrive to their recipients intact. This technique creates a little more waste than the other two, since you’ll have wax left in the chamber of the glue gun at the end of your project that you’ll have to clear out using another color of wax if you plan to switch colors. If you’re a crafter and glue guns are something you use frequently for other projects, I would also strongly recommend having a separate glue gun for glue versus sealing wax, and even buying multiple glue guns if you plan on using different colors of wax- craft stores like Michaels have glue guns for less than $10, so it’s a minimal investment to ensure your wax seals look perfect.

They make ones for regular sized glue guns, and for mini glue guns. I find it easier to melt the glue sticks pieces slowly first, stirring every few minutes to aid in the melting. Too busy to find the time to figure this out? The only place I could find bottle dipping wax online for this type of product is Mexico and costs plus shipping are expensive. I definitely recommend setting out all your envelopes in rows on your workspace so you can easily just go down the line and knock these out assembly-line style: glue gun – stamp – next, glue gun – stamp – next, until they are done, making sure to place your stamp back on the ice as you’re applying the wax to each piece of paper (or whatever material you are applying the seals to!). Be careful when using ice packs as the hot stamp can melt the plastic. Stamp bags are small wax packets that contain mixtures of illicit drugs, most commonly heroin, packaged for sale and sometimes stamped with a graphical logo by drug dealers to market their contents. Drug evidence testing is usually available much more quickly – in Allegheny County it is available for the current month.

A more traditional method of applying wax on paper uses our wax melting spoon, designed for melting wax, to create one to two seals. Method 1: Wax Seal Candlesticks – Perhaps the most traditional method, this technique uses a candle-style wax, where you light the wick and dribble the hot wax onto your paper or envelope as the candle melts. This method is great if you’re just doing one or a couple seals at a time. Again, this is great for a couple seals at a time, and the spoon and beads definitely make amazing Instagram post worth accessories! Once upon a time, these were used to physically seal a letter or envelope shut. These three methods all obviously require quite a bit of time, as well as some skill; it’s definitely easy to learn if you’re willing to invest some time, but it will take patience as well as a willingness for some good old-fashioned trial and error!

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